DEMSEE 2010 Subject areas

DSC_4707• Power system operation and control in the liberalized environment
(ISO/TSO system control issues, reliability, congestion management, ancillary services, security of supply in wide market environments, data exchange issues, system dynamics)
• Deregulation in electricity systems
(Legislation, codes and regulation, generation capacity, expansion and long term planning, power system economics, infrastructures and investments in electricity sector and regional development)
• Market issues and market integration for south-eastern Europe
(Market clearing, pricing, tariffs and metering, competition and risk management, generation scheduling, Independent Power Producers)
• Distribution system planning and operation issues
(Distribution Automation, Distribution Management Systems, GIS applications)
• Consumption and consumers
(Demand response, Demand Side Management, Biding, AMR, CIS, MDM, Automated Metering Infrastructures)
• Distributed and Renewable Energy Sources
(Wind power, Solar energy, Energy storage, Micro Grids, “Smart Grids”)
• Environment and climate change
(Contracts CO2 emission allowances and trading, zero emission power plants)
• Education, training
(Ageing workforce, knowledge management, program accreditation, operator certification)
• Information technologies applications
(data warehousing, data mining, IED, SAS, CIM, standardization