About OAS

The Sitia Development Organisation (OAS S.A.) is a limited company owned by the four Municipalities of Sitia Province and other bodies representing local authorities, cooperatives and the productive classes of Lassithi Prefecture and Crete.

From its inception, the OAS Board of Directors has included, apart from the Municipalities, the major productive classes of the Province, i.e. farmers, professional craftsmen and tourism professionals, represented through their respective organisations.
The aim of the organisation is to support local authorities, the other bodies involved and the private sector in undertaking and realising development projects and initiatives, and to aid local development.
OAS realises its aim through mostly specialised projects, studies, services and initiatives, such as:

Technical and financial studies and research, information and notification, consulting, technical and organisational support, vocational training, exchange of experiences, transfer and dissemination of technical expertise, demonstration and pilot projects and actions, collaborative networks, management and implementation of integrated interventions (e.g. the LEADER Programme), participation in special bodies, supporting the international relations of local authorities and other bodies, etc.
All of the above are realised through prefectural, regional, national and, above all, European programmes, some of which are competitive.
Through its work, OAS has offered significant services and benefits to local development and modernisation, including new jobs, increased income, exploitation of local resources, dissemination of new technology and technical expertise, improvement of production levels, cultivation of the spirit and practice of cooperation, etc.

The operation of OAS is based on the principles of administrative independence, business efficiency, transparency and meritocracy, and on the principles of consensus and social dialogue. OAS is both the technical consultant and catalyst for local development.

The work of OAS is particularly appreciated and the services of the European Union promote it as an exemplary agency of local development.

«Sitia, discover the authentic Crete»

Watch the video clip from the promotional DVD documentary on the Province, “Sitia, Crete’s charming outback”.

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